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Meet Dr. Gerard Dower

Chiropractor, Dr. Gerard Dower

Simply put, I was a skeptic.

I had heard for years that chiropractors were not real doctors. However, after my very first appointment, I knew that I was in more than capable hands. Even more important than that, I was so impressed that I realized that becoming a chiropractor was my career goal.

Chiropractic is such a great profession!

Not only do you get a great education (minimum of 7 years post-secondary schooling in Canada), but I get the opportunity to deal with great patients on a daily basis. I truly love the friendships/acquaintances I have made with so many patients over the years and look forward to many more. I have chiropractic to thank for meeting my life long partner and best friend Angie. She is the best chiropractor I know!

There is nothing more valuable than your health.

Angie and I often use the saying “Make time for your health now, or make time for your illness later!” Chiropractic fits this expression perfectly, as so many of our patients have realized that regular chiropractic care not only allows them to feel great today, but also allows them to avoid many future health problems.

Chiropractic really is for everyone.

Angie, myself and our two beautiful daughters Emily and Julia all benefit from regular chiropractic care. Many people wonder why kids go to the chiropractor, but the simple answer is that children have spines too! Our techniques for adjusting children are much different than for adults, but we get the same great results. There is such gratification in watching a young child eagerly climb on one of our special kids tables, as they remember how great they felt following their last adjustment.

Thanks for visiting our site. I sincerely hope that you give chiropractic care a chance. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Contact our office today let’s arrange a time to explore your health options.

Dr. Gerard Dower | (403) 329-0922